Disposable caps, hair caps, worm caps, medical caps (50 pcs.)

Disposable Face Masks – 50 pieces

📋 High quality materials with full test certificates

📋 Bacterial Filtration Efficiency test from Nelson Labs USA 🇺🇸 and RUEE RMUTL 🇹🇭

🏭 Made in Thailand, the first and only factory in the North of Thailand

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Shopee Lazada


Disposable caps, hair caps, worm caps, medical caps (50 packs)

Good quality, comfortable to wear, used in the medical field, spas, hospital grade, worm hat, sanitary cap, shower

cap, made from synthetic polypropylene fibers. Highly flexible, tough, durable, able to support a lot of weight Can be used on long hair surgical cap

Description – 1 pack has 50 pieces.

– The fabric of the hat is made of lightweight material, airy, breathable, and comfortable to the touch.

– Raw materials used in production can withstand water spray. and has a soft touch

– The rubber around the cap is made from ultra-stretch woven rubber for a comfortable fit. But it’s tough and doesn’t break easily.

– The hat has overlapping pleats that look like worms. Able to spread and cover the hair around the head.

– Used for storing hair It is a clean, safe product that can be used in clinics, hospitals, restaurants, kitchens, and factories.

– Single use product


– Material: Polypropylene

– Packaging: 50 pcs./bag

Length after stretching about 19 inch (in)

There are 3 colors to choose from.

White, Blue, Green

📣 Used in medical, spa, hospital, factories, clinics, manufacturing plants, food factories