Better Breathe
Through Better Mask

At Dr. Hygiene we UV sterilize each mask to kill bacteria, viruses, mold spores, algae and disease causing germs. All 3C Mask conforms to NIOSH criterion for airflow resistance for inhalation and exhalation resistance criteria as stated in 42 CFR Part 84.180

KN95 Comfortable, Easy breathe, secure fit and seal

Medical Face Mask

Prevent dust
from PM 2.5 ≥ 95%
Filter bacteria
up to 0.1 micron size ≥ 99%
99.84% Bacterial Filtration
Efficiency test passed
99% of 0.1-micron particles remove efficiency test passed

High quality materials
with full test certificates

Layer 1 — Spun-bond (Water resistant)

Layer 2 — Hot Air Cotton

Layer 3 — Antibacterial Meltblown

Layer 4 — Antibacterial Meltblown

Layer 5 — Spun-bond (Soft skin)

Production Rate:

4 million
Pieces / month

Dr. Hygiene Medical Products Co., Ltd.
is a Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) promoted world-class manufacturer of UV sterilized, medical grade, 5-layer KN95 face masks.